Want Todd to tell your story?

If you’ve always wanted Todd to tell your story, but knew the chances were really slim that he’d randomly end up at your house, here’s an exciting new way to increase the odds!
The process will still be random, but Todd will pull from a hat from those who submit their information.

If you would like to be considered please fill out the online form at the link below.


Please only nominate yourself or someone you have permission to nominate.
By submitting your information you agree to share your story with Todd in an on-camera interview. Because the selection process is random there is no guarantee your name will be chosen.


Todd is now on his own bringing you these stories on his youtube channel. If you’ve ever been impacted by one of Todd's stories and you would like to see them continue please check out his patreon page. This is a unique opportunity to more involved in the process and support of Todd's storytelling than ever before. Any support is greatly appreciated!