Do You See the Mountain?

Do you see the Mountain? It looms large and is full of obstacles. It’s treacherous and seems impossible to climb.

I interviewed an incredible man this week who spoke of the mountain. It was right in front of him at a terrible time in his life. It was all he could see. There was no way he could make it over the top. He couldn’t even think about setting foot on that mountain. It was the lowest point of his life.

What he didn’t notice, right behind him, was a beautiful valley full of opportunity. The walk downhill would have been much easier. It may have still had it’s challenges, but it presented so much more opportunity than a foreboding mountain. He didn’t turn around to see it.

You get what you look for. You find what you seek. You will go where your eyes take you. Sometimes all it takes it a change of perspective to change your life.

You will get to hear his powerful story soon where he shares this important lesson.

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